American Recording Artist K-yos@K-YOS.COM

Exploring Digital Frontiers with a Legacy of Original Music

It’s now 2024 and K-yos is back in the studio! is proud to present the music of K-yos@ K-YOS.COM. throughout the years K-yos has self-released a collection of original music. Known for his album “K-YOS MUZIC” released some years ago. Once the digital music age began to take over the music industry, K-yos knew he had to learn and adjust to the times. K-yos digitally released a demo called “FUTURERADIOMUSIC” which was supposed to be a follow-up from “K-YOS MUZIK”. Although the promotion and sound weren’t up to par with where it should’ve been, some fans enjoyed it. Just a few years back K-yos released five new singles available on the store page of the website earned K-yos more sales, email list sign-ups, and a new respect. K-yos is not in the music entertainment industry, He’s in the music entertainment business, and believe me, it’s a difference.

Breaking Boundaries: K-yos Set to Redefine Music with Unique Genre-Defying Releases on K-YOS.COM

This year K-yos plans to release new music that stretches beyond any genre. After years of practicing in his studio, K-yos feels that he’s developed a brand-name sound worthy of world attention. It took years to develop the sound he envisioned and now he’s making that dream come true. In any business or industry, you have to think big to become great @ what you do. Since K-yos doesn’t fit in any of the music genres, creating K-YOS.COM is a great avenue for K-yos to express his musical talents. In business companies compete to be @ the top of the food chain, this is not the case for K-yos. Building a corporation to back his company K-YOS.COM, gave him his lane to compete with no one but himself. K-yos doesn’t consider himself a rapper instead

he calls himself a Lyricist. K-yos doesn’t call himself a hip-hop or rap artist, instead he rather be looked at as an American

recording artist with a brand-name sound.

K-yos Innovates: Launches Personalized Streaming/Downloading Service Exclusively at K-YOS.COM

Instead of uploading music to streaming services like other artists, K-yos created his own streaming/ downloading service to release his music media only available @ K-YOS.COM. Also, because K-yos’ music doesn’t follow any music genre it was only right for him to build his own company. This wasn’t an easy task by any means considering the fact of building the website, corporation, and music media available to the public. The good part about it is that K-yos can promote all sorts of different digital music & media entertainment. Music lovers from all around the world who have been exposed to K-yos’ music have accepted and enjoyed most of the music he has released.