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Experience Dance Weekends and Learn to Live Happy


Dancing has been an integral part of human culture for millennia. It is an artistic expression of body movement set to musical rhythm. liveshowideas No wonder then that its popularity in our modern world has spawned dance weekends where people who appreciate the art form meet up after a working week to enjoy the pleasures of dance.

Dance weekends can take many forms. They can be about modern dance, either as freestyle or as an evolved dance pattern, or they can explore the more traditional folk dances. They can focus on exotic dance forms, such as belly dancing, popular with young women, or dance weekends can show off the delightful elegance of ballroom dancing.

Though dance weekends take all kinds of different forms, one popular way is for the organisers to arrange with a hotel for bookings. Invitations are then sent out to members of a club or organisation, or may even be open to anyone. entertainement There is generally a price to pay, which will usually include a room with board for the weekend.

The main focus of dance weekends is naturally, dance. Two popular dance forms are common across the UK for such events: ballroom dancing and Latin American dancing. Sometimes they are combined as Ballroom and Latin on dance weekends and participants enjoy a mix of both styles.

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Ballroom dancing became popular among the noble classes in Europe from about the 16th century. It is a style of social dancing and in earlier times was reserved for the more elite, as opposed to the less refined folk dancing. topshows However, many of the dances of medieval ballroom dancing had their origins in folk dancing and were really little more than sophisticated versions of the dances enjoyed by common people.

Latin American dancing is much more expressive than most of the ballroom dances. There is a suggestive and sultry element of excitement in Latin dance. It is often expressed in a writhing, sensual movement, closely tied to the rhythm and beat of the highly distinctive Latin American music that invariably accompanies the dance.

Dance weekends that feature either or both of these two dance styles are always popular. They are usually sold out in advance, ensuring that the event will be staged again at some later time.

Dance weekends are enjoyed by people of all ages and all social backgrounds. The emphasis is always on enjoyment and social interaction. LiveMusicCity Couples married or otherwise, generally make up the majority of those who attend dance weekends, though single people are certainly not discouraged from taking part.

There is often a kind of circuit of dance weekends in any given area that enthusiasts plug in to and follow. In this way the same people meet up in different locations, staying in different hotels and dancing in different ballrooms. This adds to the enjoyment to be found in dance weekends, making it a popular and extremely social form of entertainment for all involved.