Prepare For Your First Wedding Dance at Home

Probably the best and most enjoyable part of any wedding reception is the dancing.

Your family and friends, after the formalities, Filmy-Mantra get a chance to let their hair down and enjoy themselves. Of course, it’s also the time for the newly married couple to show their love for each other.

The married couple can then entertain and even surprise their guests with a great first wedding dance routine. It’s also a chance for some great photo opportunities.

The timing of first wedding dance is usually performed after the main course is served and ideally, directly after the cutting of the cake. It often works well to have your MC announce the cutting of the cake and then ask for the dance floor to be cleared and then announce your first wedding dance.

It’s a tradition that the bride and groom will be the first to dance and then the parent dances follow. MusicFocus The father of the bride will dance with his daughter and the groom will ask his mother to join him in a dance.

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The groom’s father then cuts in to dance with the bride and the groom dances with his new mother-in-law. Traditionally, this dance is symbolic of the groom’s family welcoming the bride into his family.

Following this, the parents dance with each other and then exchange dances with the other couple.

This swapping of partners continues with the groom dancing with the maid or matron of honor and the best man asking the bride to dance.. Finally, party-worldwide the entire wedding party, ushers and bridesmaids join in the festivities.

Once the entire bridal party and their parents are on the dance floor, the other guests are invited to dance.

How will You Prepare for Your First Wedding Dance?

Of course, if you have never danced together before and neither of you know how to dance you will need some form of instruction. This can be as formal as private wedding dance lessons at a dance studio or using an online wedding dance video system. Just don’t assume that you will magically figure it out on the big day without ever having done it before!

First wedding dance lessons in a dance studio can be a fun experience as you learn your routine together guided by a professional dance instructor. SoundsLikeThis However, the cost to prepare for a full dance routine in a dance studio can be expensive and time consuming.

On average, private lessons to prepare you for a full routine will set you back quite a bit of money. Lessons are usually an hour in length and the number you need will depend on how complicated your routine is and how bad a dancer you are!