Sounding Wish – A Night of Music as well as Approach

Critchley & Simmons, Sydney Music Hall.

Start with ‘A Stroll (along the River Lea)’ with visuals as people take their seats and also settle. Songs fades, stage to black, silence. Filmy-Mantra After that stage lit with a solitary spot. SC comes on phase, finds the place as well as speaks:.

Good night, Ladies and Gentlemen. I am Simon Critchley. Someplace in the darkness prowls John Simmons. Together, we are Critchley & Simmons, not a company of solicitors, but a lovely, pain, living experiment in words, sounds and also photos.

Music matters. It matters exceptionally. For some individuals it matters more than anything else. Yet, the why as well as the exactly how of its mattering continues to be an enigma for us, a dark riddle. MusicFocus Why does music matter? Why does it speak with us so incredibly? This is where a little philosophy may aid. The task of this night’s amusement is to peer philosophically right into the enigma of music, to review its riddle not in order to resolve it at last, however to shed a little light in the darkness.

And also when it comes to the philosophy of songs where else must one very first turn yet to the sage guidance of Albert Freiherr von Thimus, 1806-1878, writer of the compendious Pass away harmonikale Symbolik des Alterthums (The Harmonic Meaning of the Ancient World). He was an interesting other, a legal representative, a court and also a Prussian political leader, an obsessionally devoted amateur whose service music is distinguished by the truth that it was absolutely overlooked in his lifetime. party-worldwide He was an individual good friend of Baron Teufelsdröckh of Weissnichtwo, hero of Thomas Carlyle’s Sartor Resartus. Albert Freiherr von Thimus assumed music, the music of classical times, looked like this,.

What von Thimus is dressing-up in instead tight-fitting 19th Century britches is the old Pythagorean concept of music, the so-called ‘harmony of the spheres’. This is an old, unformulated, mystical as well as extremely prominent tradition that begins in the mists of antiquity yet whose initial textual assistance is a flow from Plato’s Timeaus on the production of the world heart discussed 2,500 years earlier. SoundsLikeThis The Timaeus was the just of Plato’s messages to be offered throughout classical times and the mediaeval period. Unfortunately, the passage concerned is practically entirely muddled. Right here’s a taste,.